Crew management

Register, complete the crews and keep records of personnel on the ship.

The MY CREW personnel management system is afull-featured solution for organizing the storage of personnel data.

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Features of the My Crew service

Equip the crews

Add employees to the selected vessel, specify the position and dates boarding \ decommissioning.

Control the timing of documents

The service allows you to see the deadlines for the completion of documents for the entire crew

Save your resume

Applicants' resumes can be saved as a PDF file to save to a computer.

Plan the crew

Select a resume in the database, add it to your account, specify the planned boarding date.

Leave notes about employees

You can leave comments for each employee that are visible only to you and other managers of the company.

Practical guide

How does it work?

  • 1
    Register on the website

    Register and fill in the information about your company. В личном кабинете у вас появится кнопка меню "Мой экипаж"." %}

  • 2
    Add the company's vessels

    In the menu of your personal account, select the FLEET button and add all your ships. Информация о судне будет автоматически подгружаться при добавлении вакансии." %}

  • 3
    Add employees

    Add HR staff and share the level of access to editing information and adding other managers.

  • 4
    Save seafarers' resumes or add new ones

    Saved resumes are stored together with incoming resumes.

  • 5
    Attach the sailor to the ship

    The My Crew service allows you to store all information about the crew on eachship. You will immediately notice if anyone runs out of documents.

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